Texas Hold’em – Rules And Trading Stages

In this article we will try to understand the basic rules and stages of Texas Hold’em trading. Let’s find out what preflop and flop, turn and river are. Let’s try to understand what actions the player should take at each of the listed stages of the game, what should be paid special attention to in a given situation.

Today, Texas Hold’em is the most popular version of poker in offline and online modes. Almost 90 percent of all poker players play it. Note that the main discipline of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) – the world’s most popular poker tournament – is Texas Hold’em.

The popularity of this logical game in the literal sense of the word cannot be overestimated. As in any other important matter, it has its own rules of the game, tactics and strategies. Many players have their own secrets and play style. But today we will talk specifically about the four stages of trading in Texas Hold’em and their statutes.

Preflop in Texas Hold’em – Preflop

Preflop in Texas Hold’em is the initial stage of the game or the first round of betting. In the actual translation from English, it means the moment before turning over. At this stage, two players located to the left of the Button – the button – that is, the participant with the dealer’s chip, make mandatory blind bets in order – big blind – big blind and small blind – small blind, which in English means big blind and small blind, so it’s almost literal here. This is how the initial bank of the game is formed. In the process, it will increase, to get the whole bank – this, in fact, is the goal of a player who is determined to win.

Note that Button – the button will change with each new deal of cards – the position of the dealer moves from player to player clockwise. At the same time, those participants who should post the blinds also change. It turns out that each of the players can be the button and make the big and small blinds .

So, preflop, each player at the table receives two face down (dealt face down) cards – they are called “hand”. The first round begins. By looking at his cards, the player can already weigh his chances of strengthening his hand and winning, respectively. Now you can level or raise your bet, fold or check.

All preflop actions are performed by players strictly in order, namely clockwise. And the first move, so to speak, must be made by the player whose seat at the table is immediately to the left of the participant who posted the big blind.

This round or stage of the game is considered completed then, each of the players at the poker table made a decision and took the appropriate action – and those who did not fold their cards (did not fold) equalized their bets to the maximum.

Even preflop, the winner can be determined – perhaps this is in a situation where his bet was not equalized by anyone and the opponents threw off their cards, thereby refusing to place bets and continue the game. The bank goes to the winner.